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Great Jam

Felix Lingonberry Jam, 14.5 oz

Felix Lingonberries in Sugar from Sweden 14.5 oz Glass Jar. Imported.

Buyers Guide
  • “It has a somewhat tart taste, not too much, just right.” – Florida Girl
  • “I love it on bagels and toast.” – Bev.
  • “If you’re willing to buy multiple jars at a time, Zabars online is much cheaper than anywhere here.” – Special K

Nature's Hollow Sugar Free Blueberry Jam 10oz
Nature’s Hollow

Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Blueberry Preserves are a great-tasting, healthful blend of blueberries and the natural sweetener Xylitol. Xylitol has a low glycemic index and fewer calories, making it a great pairing with natural fruit.

Consumer Reports
  • “I warm some up to use as a pancake topping and it’s great.” – Slicey, webmaster
  • “You really can’t tell the difference between them and products with sugar.” – jonia
  • “Great taste, I liked it very much and will order it again.” – Robert Atchison

ST. DALFOUR Strawberry Conserves, 1 Ounce Jars (Pack of 48)
St. Dalfour

All natural 100% fruit conserves! Bursting with pieces of real fruit! From an old French recipe, sweetened only with grape juice concentrate with no added sugar!

Product Comparisons
  • “Perfect size, great taste!!!” – M. Lauzon
  • “We love these St Dalfour Conserves.” – D. Holzer
  • “Used them as gifts for my wedding guest and every one loved it!” – Caged_Aries

Smucker's  Pineapple Preserves, 12-Ounce (Pack of 6)

For more than 100 years, Smucker’s has been bringing you the goodness of jams, jellies, preserves, and smiles. With more than 40 varieties – from the Apple Butter of our roots, to the ever-popular Cherry and Strawberry Preserves, to Low Sugar reduced sugar and Sugar Free products – we’ve got a flavor for just about everyone.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Try them on pancakes with whipped creme for a very special breakfast treat.” – susieofutah
  • “It has a great flavor and is quite different from other selections.” – Rusty181
  • “The 12 ounce jar is handy, but in covering toast with adaquate expectation it doesn’t last long.” – Edward Clark

Stonewall Kitchen Mini Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, 3.75-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)
Stonewall Kitchen

Our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam is our most popular item.

Product Ratings
  • “If you like blueberrys you’ll like this jam.” – thrifty user
  • “My family and I fell in love with it.” – Sonja Hans
  • “I heard that Whole Foods carries this jam so that’s my next stop!” – Den Shan

Gourmet Marionberry Jam, 11 oz Jar - All Natural - by Maury Island Farms (Pack of 4)
Maury Island Farms

Maury Island Farms has a rich tradition of handcrafting all natural, gourmet jams, preserves and fruit toppings made with a focus on real fruit flavors.

La Vieja Fabrica Jams, Raspberry Delight, 12.25 Ounce (Pack of 6)
La Vieja Fabrica

For over 150 years, La Vieja Fabrica jams deliver a traditional, artisan production process and the use of the best raw materials, known for their taste, scent, original colour and texture of the diverse fruits used, La Vieja Fabrica Jams doesn’t need a photo on its jar labeling in order to show all the fruit that it contains.

Jam Reviews
  • “This marmalade has just the right amount of bitterness along with the sweetness and a good amount of shredded peel to give it a bit of chewiness.” – MGB Driver
  • “I will order more when needed.” – Patricia Broley
  • “I love marmalade.” – Joseph McKinney

Earth & Vine Red Bell Pepper & Ancho Chili Jam

This bold, yet mild jam is excellent on a smoked turkey or grilled chicken sandwich. Serve along side lamb, pork or poultry. Pour over cream cheese or warmed Brie for an outstanding appetizer.

Customer Reviews
  • “Use this jam with cream cheese and spread on Wholefoods Everything Flatbread crackers….great appetizer.” – S. Benson
  • “I was happy to find this online since otherwise I’d have to look for it in a specialty store, and for more money.” – Barb White
  • “Not too sweet, not too spicy.” – ellens

Nature's Hollow Strawberry Jam 10 Ounces
Nature’s Hollow

Customer Reviews
  • “It’s very fruity and happily without sugar and without the sweeteners that cause gas and intestinal ickies.” – Mir
  • “Tastes good with just the right sweetness.” – kimmielou
  • “It spreads well on toast.” – T. Sykes

Wild Huckleberry Jam, 16oz
Taste the Wilderness

Huckleberry, the most prized of all wild berries, are plump, purple berries that grow WILD in the Rocky Mountains. Huckleberries have never been successfully commercially cultivated and therefore must be handpicked one by one deep in the mountains.

Product Ratings
  • “For those who enjoy a rich spread for toast, crumpets, English muffins, etc. this huckleberry medley is what you’re looking for.” – Gail Cooke
  • “The huckleberry bushes’ small oval leaves, the blue-black berries, perfectly round, each with an intense flavor, a unique tartness and crunch.” – Jana L. Perskie
  • “Glad I tried huckleberries.” – Silnath

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